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Set up with an Alexa device

How to set up Tania if you have an Alexa device.

Because you have an Alexa device you will most probably have an Amazon account.  So we just need to focus on connecting your Amazon account to Xero and the Tania skill.


We've created a quick overview video on this process:

Printable version


Alternatively, you can follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Setup the Tania Portal

  1. Navigate to www.tania.ai and in the top right of the page click on "Tania Portal".

  2. Once inside the Tania Portal - click on the option to "Login with Amazon".
  3. At the Amazon login screen, enter in your account details and click on "Sign-In".
  4. Now that you've signed in and connected to Amazon, you will be returned to the Tania Portal.
  5. We will need to connect to Xero, so click on "Add Xero Organisation".
  6. A Xero login page will appear.  Enter your details and click on "Log In".
  7. Xero will prompt you to select an organisation.  Once you have, scroll to the bottom and click on "Allow access".
  8. Now that you've signed in and connected to Xero, you will be returned to the Tania Portal.
  9. The Tania Portal will display a drop-down option for you to select your organisation.
Setup your Amazon Alexa application
  1. Say the following phrase to your Alexa device: "Alexa, open Tania"

  2. Alexa will respond with instructions on how to complete the one off authentication with Xero.  Listening to these instructions will provide an important overview.

  3. Go to your Alexa application on your mobile device.

  4. We need to Link to Tania. When you open the Alexa application you will receive a notification on the home page.

    1. Alternatively you can click on "More" in the bottom right and then click on "Activity" and you will see the Link Account notification.

  5. Click here and you'll see a confirmation message that your Tania account will be successfully linked.

Congratulations - you are setup and ready to go!  If you have any issues with getting setup, let us know.