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What are my unreconciled transactions and how do I access it?

Unreconciled Transactions Update and Access

Your unreconciled transactions update

Your unreconciled transactions update is based on the number of unreconciled transactions you have on your Xero Dashboard across all of your bank accounts.  Tania explains the number of unreconciled transactions you have, and the total value of those unreconciled transactions.


Accessing your unreconciled transactions update?

You can access your unreconciled transactions update through either the Business Briefing update, or the Main Menu. 

  1. When Alexa says "Would you like to listen to all of your updates through your business briefing, or, go to the main menu. Please say business briefing, or say, main menu."
  2. You say "Business Briefing"
  3. If you say "Main Menu", Alexa will say "You are now at the main menu. What would you like to listen to? know your numbers, unreconciled transactions, or end of month cashflow etc? 
  4. You say "Unreconciled transactions"