A starting point for the Tania Partner Program

An overview of the Tania Partner Program

In today’s challenging times, the demand for quality advisory services is growing.

For Accountants and Business Advisors – advisory services may be something that you can only offer at a basic level or a capability reserved for your big clients.

With Tania, you can scale your advisory services, for all levels. Tania will be a virtual member of your team, who:

  • Offers based advisory services straight away
  • Gives a voice to financial data
  • Helps to generate conversations with your clients
  • Ultimately empowers your clients to be self-sufficient

Our Tania Partner Program has been designed to amplify these benefits. Partnering with us will put your organisation on a fast track, accelerating your capabilities to provide quality advisory services. Not only do you gain a virtual team member, but you will also be a part of a program made for you to win.

Our motto is “together we’re helping businesses love their financial story” and we truly believe this.

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