Partner Program - Loyalty Points

An overview of the loyalty point system which is a feature of the Tania Partner Program.

Get an additional boost with our extensive loyalty points system. With loyalty points you can boost your move up the Partner tiers to increase your status and rewards.


Here's an overview of some of the ways you can earn partner points:

Points earnt How to earn points
5 For each client that joins you and subscribes to Tania
10 For each person in your organisation that completes the Tania Champions certification course
5 When your organisation connects with us on social media and leaves us a review to highlight the difference Tania has made for you.
5 For feedback you provide as part of the 'Keeping Tania on Track' biannual surveys
10 When you celebrate your Tania Partner birthday by simply sticking with us
10 When you link to Tania from your organisation website


Once you have accumulated enough points - redeem these points to claim extra discounts and rewards.