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Onboarding with Tania-Voice

Quick and easy steps to get Tania-Voice set up and working

Here's a quick overview video of how you can get, your voice-activated reporting assistant - set up and working.



Alternatively, you can follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Onboarding is all done from your mobile phone.  Have this handy (and charged!) along with your Xero login account details standing by.
  2. From your mobile phone, open an internet browser and navigate to the Tania web page. Click on the button “Try Tania for Free”. This will open the Tania Portal.
  3. If you have an Amazon account, enter your login details. Don’t worry if you don’t, simply click on the button “Create a new Amazon account” to set one up. Once logged in, click “Allow” for Tania to have access to your Amazon profile.
  4. Now you’ll be returned to the Tania Portal and prompted to add your Xero account details. Click on “Sign in with Xero”. Once authenticated, click “Allow access” for Tania to have access to your Xero organisational data and user account information.
  5. If you have the Amazon Alexa app downloaded on your phone, it will launch automatically. Don’t worry if you don’t, a prompt will appear for you to download the Amazon Alexa app. Follow these steps to install and set it up on your mobile phone.
  6. Within the Amazon Alexa app, search for Tania under “Skills & Games”. When Tania displays the results, click to open.
  7. You’ll see a button called “Enable to Use”, click to enable Tania. A confirmation message will display that Tania has been successfully linked. Click Done and simply start by saying “Alexa, open Tania”.

    Congratulations, you’re good to go. If you have any issues – feel free to contact your Tania team for further assistance.