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Onboarding with Tania-Chat

Quick and easy steps to get Tania-Chat set up an working

Getting started with Tania-Chat

  1. Onboarding can be done from your both a desktop or a mobile phone.  It would be handly to have your Xero login account details standing by.
  2. Open an internet browser and navigate to the Tania web page. Click on the button “Try Tania for Free”.
  3. In the new page, click on “Sign in with Xero”.  Once authenticated, click “Allow access” for Tania to have access to your Xero organisational data and user account information.
  4. Now you’ll be returned to the Tania Portal.  Using the drop down arrow,  Select the organisation you would like to add.  
  5. In the pop up panel, answer the questions and click 'Yes' to confirm you are ready to proceed.
  6. Tania will then start your session with 'What would you like to start with today?' and you’re good to go. 

    If you have any questions or issues – please feel free to contact your Tania team for further assistance.