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How do I access my Receivables update?

Where is my cash coming from?

Customer invoices that you are awaiting payment on, are referred to as "Receivables" by Tania.  Your Receivables update is an option you will get after choosing "Cashflow" at the main menu.  This is because it is all about your cash coming in.

Tania-Chat instructions

Your Receivables update is accessed via the Main menu.  When presented with the options.

1. Click 'Money Owed to You (Receivables)'.

2. Click the prefered option - (Overdue customer invoices, Customer invoices not yet due).

3. Follow the prompts to desired information.


Tania-Voice instructions

I'm at the main menu, what do I do from here?

  1. From the main menu, you will say "Cashflow".

  2. Tania will then ask "Before we begin today, would you like to know if you have any unreconciled transactions?"

  3. You can say "yes", or "no".  Note, if you say yes, Tania will update you on your unreconciled transactions, before reconnecting you with the same path taken if you had said no.

  4. If you say no, Tania will then say "You are now at the Cashflow Menu.  What would you like to listen to first?  End of month cashflow forecast, payables, receivables, or 3 month cashflow forecast."  

  5. You will say "Receivables".  

  6. If this is your first time choosing receivables, Tania will say "As this is your first time using my receivables feature, would you like me to explain what I will provide in this section?"

  7. You can say "yes", or "no".

  8. If this is not your first time choosing receivables, or if you say "no" to the above, then Tania will say "Please tell me which one of these receivable updates you would like to hear. You can say, overdue receivables, or you can say, receivables coming up."

  9. Say your selection, for example "overdue receivables".

  10. Tania will then begin your commentary.

What if I don't use Xero's system accounts receivable to record my customer invoices?

Unfortunately, if you aren't using Xero's system accounts receivable, Tania will be unable to identify your invoices or when they are due to be received.  Therefore no commentary will be provided.