How do I access my Profit and Loss update?

Profit and Loss update

Tania Chat instructions

Your Profit and Loss update is accessed via the Main menu.  When presented with the options.

1. Click 'Income and expenses (Profit and Loss)' and  

2. Click the prefered option - (Current month, Last month, Year to date)

Tania voice instructions

I'm at the main menu, what do I do from here?

  1. From the main menu, you will say "Profit and Loss".
  2. Tania will then ask "What period would you like an update on? Please say, current month, last month, or year to date."
  3. Say your selection, for example "last month".
  4. Tania will then offer available comparative periods, based on your selection, for example "Which of these would you like to compare last month against? Budget, last year, prior month, or you can say, no comparative".
  5. Say your selection, for example "budget".
  6. Tania will then begin your commentary.
  7. At the end of the commentary, Tania will ask you if you "Would you like to listen to another period, or go to the main menu?".

What happens if I ask for a period that doesn't exist?

If you ask for a period wasn't one of the options given, Tania will tell you what the relevant options are again.  You will not be able to hear your update until you make an available selection.

What happens if I ask for a period that doesn't have any data?

After you make your period and comparative selections, Tania will check to see if you have any balances for that selection.  If there are no balances, Tania will tell you that there is no data available and let you make a different selection.