Forecast using the 'Similar to last 3 months’ feature

How to use the cash flow forecast option ‘similar to last 3 months’.

1. Activate Alexa from your Alexa device or phone.
2. Say “Alexa, open Tania”.
3. When asked “do you want to listen to an update from the current organization”, say No.
4. Alexa will then list all the organizations you have access to in Xero.
5. To make a selection, say “Alexa, (followed by the number) 1, 2, 3” etc at any time while
    Alexa is reading out the list of Organisations.
6. When Alexa requests time to access the latest data for your chosen organisation, say Yes.
7. When asked “would you like to know if you have any unreconciled transactions”, say No.
8. Then say “Alexa, forecast”, and answer the questions that follow.
9. When asked if you think the next 3 months will be similar to the last 3 months, say Yes.
10. Alexa will provide a report based on the current data stored.
11. To hear the forecast again, just say Yes, when prompted.