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Accessing Live Data for your Xero organisation during a Tania session

How does Tania access my live data, and what do I need to do to enable Tania to access?

How does Tania access my latest data?

During each Tania session, Tania accesses your live data for your Xero organisation. The data requires three layers of authorisation and all data is fully encrypted.

Tania has 6 seconds to return your data. She is working hard throughout your entire session to ensure you have the information you need.


What types of data does Tania access?

Tania accesses your specific cashflow, profit and loss, and balance sheet data to ensure you receive the relative updates you need to help you improve and grow.

I know I can see my information with Tania Chat, but how do I enable Tania to access my latest data for Tania-voice?

  1. At the beginning of your session, when you have agreed to listen to an update for a specific organisation, Alexa will say "I will now access your latest data for... (organisation name).  Are you happy to wait a moment while I do that?
  2. If you are happy for Tania to access your data say "Yes"
  3. If you are not happy for Tania to access your data say "No" and Tania will end your session.