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5 Digit Access Code for Tania-Voice

What is my 5 Digit Access Code, and how does it work?

For added security on your Alexa device, Tania will issue you with a new 5 digit code every 30 minutes via your Alexa app. 

You must use this 5 digit code to access your Tania session on your Alexa device.  The code will give you access to Tania for 30 minutes only.

If you finish a session and then reopen Tania after that 30 minutes has expired, Tania will re-issue you another 5 digit code.


Here are the steps you will go through to get your 5 digit code and how you respond back so you can carry on with your session.

  1. Say “Alexa, open Tania or Tania Free (if you are using the Tania Free plan only)”.
  2. Alexa will say "To ensure security over this session, a code has been sent to your Alexa app. If you are using your mobile, this code will show on your screen now or you can find it in your Alexa app in the Alexa menu, under Activity. Please get the code, and say it back to me now."
  3. Say “your code” (i.e. “12345”) back to Alexa.
  4. Alexa checks code for verification.
  5. If your code is correct, Alexa will say "Your code has been verified, I can now continue."
  6. If your code is incorrect, Alexa will say "Sorry, this code is not valid. Please try again."  You should double check your security code and say your code again.
  7. If after 3 times your code is said incorrectly, Alexa will say "Sorry, you have exceeded the authorized number of attempts. Please restart Tania assistant again to generate a new security code."
  8. If you have said it incorrectly, say “Alexa, open Tania or Tania Free" (if you are using the Tania Free plan only) and Alexa will give you another 5 digit code.

Please note, this step is not applicable with Tania-Chat.